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Fun Amy interview! She said about a memorable POI fan interaction:

I was at the drugstore and doing self-checkout. The scanner kept saying that I was not doing it right and talking back to me. A guy leaned in to me and said, “Root, why isn’t the machine helping you?”

and I loved that she had her son teach her how to make a simple computer program “Being on the show has made me aware of how much I don’t know but inspired me to learn more about it.”

Being in this fandom has done the same for me, Amy!

edit: her app choices:

Then tell me what your top five mobile apps are.
1. Uber, because we live in New York, and it helps you get a taxi in Brooklyn.
2. Instagram, because I can see all my friends, and my family can see pictures of my kids.
3. Hipstamatic is great to take fun pictures. 
4. Yelp, because you can find out what great restaurants are around you.
5. I’ve been bad about doing it lately, but I try to look at Twitter to hear what’s going on in the news and around the world.

Three times Root checked out the goods in Panopticon…

Makeup? More like MAKE OUT, amirite?!

"I like my scars. They bring out my eyes."

"I like my scars. They bring out my eyes."

They look like each other and act like each other and dress like each other and play crazy like it’s going out of style and practically throw themselves at the baddest bitch in the room and I can’t take it ahhhhhh